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Size = 7.5 inches long (19 cm)
Weight = 6 oz. (170 grams); lanyard included

The Ecolight® — "quite likely the last flashlight you'll ever need to buy"!

Introducing clean, green supercapacitor technology!

Supercapacitor technology replaces batteries, allowing for virtually unlimited
numbers of recharges, with an ultra-fast charge — only about 4 minutes with the
AC or car charger (or just over 1 hour with the built-in solar panel). The powerful
single 1-Watt LED’s focused beam will illuminate objects at over 100 feet, and at 50
lumens it's even brighter than many traditional flashlights. Its light duration is 45
minutes on high, or 4 hours on low per charge. No batteries or bulbs. This means
no batteries entering the waste stream, lightweight (supercapacitors are 1/3 the
weight of batteries) no toxic components, the entire device is RoHS*-compliant.

Supercapacitor technology - virtually unlimited charges (30,000) - all without batteries.
Super-fast charge in 4 minutes with AC or auto chargers, about 1 hour with solar panel.
1 Watt LED (50,000 hrs. life) at 50 lumens brightness, focused beam travels over 100 ft.
45 minutes of light on High, or 4 hours on Low/charge (equivalent of 22,000 hrs. on high).
Lightweight - just 6 ounces (1/3 that of standard flashlights) - ergonomic switch & handle.
Electrical components are rated non-toxic (RoHS* compliant).
The case is made of 100% recycled plastic and rubber w/UV inhibitors.

The Ecolight compares well with the some of the best flashlights in terms of brightness and burn-time performance, while far exceeding and even completely eliminating the need for batteries and offering an ultra-fast recharge. As a hand-held flashlight it can meet or exceed all of your portable lighting needs while at the same time fulfilling your needs for convenience of the “lightning-fast” charge, the peace of mind of never having to worry about batteries or bulbs ever again. In addition, it can be kept fully charged without even relying upon a charger. Simply place it where it will get a little light on its solar panel. To date the only other flashlight known to use supercapacitors and no batteries has been the shake-up flashlight. It is interesting to note that the Ecolight's supercapacitor, by contrast, boasts 60 times the power storage in its supercapacitor compared to that of the shake-up flashlight. This substantial power improvement gives the Ecolight a substantial edge: a vastly brighter light (approx. 10X brighter) and a far superior light duration.

Supercapacitors (30,000 recharges = 1 charge per day for 82 years) store electricity without a chemical reaction and the ones we use are made of non-toxic material (www.activated carbon); the entire Ecolight is RoHS compliant (www.Restriction of Hazardous Substances – an international law covering all electronics passed by the European Union in 2006). Typical rechargeable batteries can be recharged 100 – 1000 times before they are depleted and often take many hours to charge. Virtually all flashlights (including the wind-up flashlights and solar charged flashlights) on the market use either regular batteries or rechargeable batteries made of toxic components – they "store electricity" based on chemical reactions**.

The best flashlight is only as good as its batteries - unless
it's not dependent upon batteries to start with!

Ecolight cost is $39.95
Order yours now!

AC Charger USB cord is included at no extra charge
(plugs into a USB computer port, or ipod, iphone or cell phone chargers with a USB port and charges the Ecolight in lightning-fast 4 minutes).

Car Charger is available for only $3.95
(charge time is 4 minutes).

We offer a 2-Year Full Warranty: We will repair or replace (at our option) without charge any defects to faulty materials or workmanship for up to 2 years from date of purchase. We agree to replace a defective Ecolight if we can't repair it. This warranty does not cover parts failure due to abuse.

*RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances – law passed by the EU in 2006 for all electronics (www.RoHS)
** Standard and rechargeable batteries contribute about 88 percent of the total mercury and 50 percent of the cadmium in municipal solid waste. Mercury has been proven to damage the nervous system (www.Mercury_poisoning) and cadmium causes kidney damage (www.Cadmium). Both are notoriously toxic to humans.